Friday, December 18, 2015

math #6

These past weeks we have been incorporating math with our rockets in physics class. Last week we had to figure out the thrust for our motor. Sal and I had trouble with figuring our total thrust for our rocket. My biggest trouble with finding out was figuring out all the numbers for each frame and the process after that. It was just so many numbers to deal with, it was definitely a challenge figuring it out. Out of all of this  I learned that rockets is just more then flying them there is a whole another part to them. From this I have learned that anything is channeling but you have to but effort to make it easier.

math #5

This week we started learning Calculus. These problems were very hard at first and then it is getting easier now since I know what to do now. One mistake I made when I was working on these problems when we had the problem, x^1+3x^0 dx,  I didn't keep the numbers in fraction form. After Brian went over the problem and saw that I had to bring down the fraction from above. I learned that in every integral you have to always bring down the division part after you add one to the x^1 so x^2/2 + 3x^1/1. I made the mistake of forgetting to bring down the fraction. I learned to wait for when the teacher goes over the problem so I am knowing what to do. I can also ask for help if I don't understand the problem. And I grew by finally finishing the problem and doing it right after he taught me how to do it right.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

math #4

This past week we have been doing a lot more math then before. A mistake I have been making is not turning anything in. I was doing a grade check this morning with my adviser and noticed my grade is a D in math, and everything that I am missing is stuff that I did and didn't turn in. I am learning from it because know I have a lot of stuff to turn in and it may make my grade go down. Its making me stressed out and now I know how irresponsible I was. Next time I will turn things in on time and listen more carefully. So I would say I am definitely growing from this mistake, especially since I don't want to fail 9th grade.

math #3

This week has been much more fun for me, we have been doing actual math, and even though im not a big fan of math I like it better then what we have been doing. A mistake I have made this week would be not trying any of the extensions. I didn't even try but when we went over it I realized I could have gotten it right if I tried. I will start doing them all or try to at least.

math #2

This past week we have been working on the physics and math project. I made a mistake by not choosing maybe the best partner? We all don't seem to get along very well but that's my fault for choosing to work with friends, because now we don't have much done. Next time I will grow by working with someone new. But now I know that not all friends are compatible.

math #1

This week we are starting a new project in math where we have our own jobs, and we get a salary (fake money) it was fun when we got randomly chosen for whatever job. A mistake I made is I keep forgetting what time we leave for lunch and my job for class is being a timer. Im learning by checking my schedule. Right now I just did a math problem on paper clips which I found very challenging. I didn't realize that it was longer then what I thought it was. My mistake was thinking it was going to be easy. Ill grow next time by taking my time.So now that I look back I wish I can redo the problem knowing that.